Supporting program

In addition to our diverse program featuring dance, performance and theatre, the festival provides a space for productive (and unproductive) community. We want to challenge traditional formats of being together and inspire new encounters. In cooperation with the audience, we create spaces of calmness and concentration, spaces to discuss and interrogate the shared experiences. But there will also be opportunities for resistance and criticism. And naturally, we want to party together!

To us at Freischwimmen meets Rodeo, the ‚fest‘ in festival does not mean excess and total exhaustion. On the contrary, we want to understand our togetherness facilitated by the festival as a period of stillness, contemplation, of Hanging Out, all the while our current age associates the performing arts industry mostly with busy-ness, overproduction, self exploitation and sensory overload.

Introductions and after talks

From classic presentations to sharing bratwurst at the campfire

Exchanges with the community are an especially important part of the festival in order to connect, better understand and process the joint experience. This is why we offer a rich and diversified schedule of both introductory and after show events for various productions of the festival.

With artists and visitors alike, we will experiment with playful forms of exchange and see how much fun and connection we can generate. We will enable close-up conversations with the artists and other visitors over after-show drinks. Additionally, two city walks will open us up to new perspectives on the pieces – and the city in which they are shown.

Subversive Stitches

A Crafting and Resistance workshop

Sunday, 10/09/2022

On the first Sunday of the festival we instigate small gatherings. Four different workshops dedicated to contemporary artistic-artisanal crafts explore spaces of female resistance through communal activity. We get creative weaving, mixing CDs or working with 3D printing, we share ideas and gain strength from joint feminist action. This DIY communal space sets a strong counter position to the cliché of loving housewives, declaring active resistance to isolation in the sleepy privacy of home and the non-political work of care that is still ascribed (mostly) to people identifying as women.

We welcome all folx!

Impuls and Workshops with Dorothea Seror, Lotte van den Hoogen, Theresa Bittermann (WUT Kollektiv), Mitra Wakil (among others)

Cultural Politics at the festival

Do we need a reboot? The independent performance arts between crisis and new beginnings

Friday, 10/14/2022

Not only since the COVID crisis, the independent performing arts have faced great challenges. How can work modes and structures be transformed to be fit for the future? What does sustainability mean, both ecologically and artistically? How can the artists’ social security be improved? A panel discussion and table talks about the future of independent performing arts, featuring artists, experts and representatives of municipal, state and federal cultural politics.

In cooperation with the Federal Association of the Independent Performing Arts, the Bavarian Association of Independent Performing Arts e.V. and Netzwerk Freie Szene München e.V.

Gathering: Handle with Care

Saturday, 10/15/2022

On the last festival day we set up time for introspection. What are we doing here? And how? What are the norms we base ourselves upon? Who has to adapt to these norms in order to participate? What practical tools can we use, so that time together and time for each other, openness, empathy and flexibility do not stay empty phrases but become a shared reality?

The last day of the festival highlights the expertise of artists and experts with disabilities. We invite experts to provide sensual insights into the enormous artistic potential of a more accessible understanding and practice of art. The gathering features workshops and impulses inviting us to view the aesthetics of accessibility as an enrichment, an amplification of the spectrum of possibility and an asset for both the makers and the audience of arts and culture.