It is our mission to conceive a festival as inclusive and accessible as can be – which should be granted and not even need to deserve extra mention. For Freischwimmen meets Rodeo, we offer accommodations for audiences with different needs and disabilities, developed in exchange with artists and experts.

For selected projects we offer:

  • Audio description with sensory tour to provide accessibility for blind and visually impaired audiences
  • Translations of performances, after talks and workshops into German Sign Language
  • Relaxed Performances for neurodivergent audiences
  • Alternative seating (e.g. bean bags) at many venues
  • Sensory stimuli and challenges for the audience being indicated specifically for each performance

All accessibility offers as well as explicit access descriptions for all venues can be viewed on this website starting at the beginning of September.


Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to offer accessible seat booking via our ticket provider. Please contact instead. You will receive a personal access rider to specify your individual needs. We want you to fully enjoy your visit.

We are aware that at this point, we are not yet able to accommodate all levels of accessibility needs. This is the beginning of a long term initiative. Your feedback is very much appreciated as we invite you to come on this journey with us!

Anja Flessa,

Participation and Accessibility coordinator

Phone: 0176/22966366